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E. amplifolia



Florida FGT

Dr. Donald L. Rockwood, President of Florida FGT, has over 30 years of experience on the development and use of EA, EG, CT, PD, cypress, and slash pine hybrids in Florida and elsewhere.  Now Professor Emeritus at the School of Forest Resources and Conservation, University of Florida (http://www.sfrc.ufl.edu/faculty/rockwood/index.html), he was responsible for the genetic improvement of several SRWC species, including the commercial release of five EG cultivars
(http://www.ffsp.net/varities/eucalyptus/, http://www.floridagrownspecialties.com/eucalyptus-fact), and the development of SRWC systems using EA, EG, and PD, and continues to conduct research on SRWCs.

To learn more about Dr. Donald Rockwood’s  research, visit his publications page:  http://www.sfrc.ufl.edu/faculty/rockwood/pub.html


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